When I was asked to become the Interim Secretary-Treasurer of Local 720, I said that I would do so to keep things together and keep the ship on course, so to speak. I knew that it would not be the time to implement any changes or set new plans in motion. However, I was then presented with an opportunity to save Local 720 over $5000 over the course of a contract for a new vendor for our copier lease.

I presented this option to the Executive Board as I felt it necessary to have their decision on any matter of this magnitude. I knew that the current contract had been approved as part of the regular budget. The members of the E Board confided in me that they had never had such a contract brought to them for a vote. Traditionally, such things had been the sole decision of the Secretary-Treasurer.

This realization made me consider a few things should I be elected as the Secretary-Treasurer:

1. All contracts and long-term commitments need to be evaluated to make sure that Local 720 workers' dues money was being wisely spent. Why had these potential savings not been investigated before?

2. The office is not a domain to be run in a silo or behind the scenes. Budgets are set for the efficient and smooth operation of the Hall. Large items should still be brought to the attention of others so that the Secretary-Treasurer is not making decisions alone.

3. There might always be ways to be a better steward of Local 720’s funds. Should I be elected, I will not become complacent and too settled in “this is how things are.” I will always be on the lookout for opportunities to save money, use the members’ money better, and be sure that money is being wisely spent when necessary.

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