"1 in 4 Americans have no retirement savings." -Yahoo! Finance

Local 720 workers have the benefit of two retirement plans: the IATSE National Annuity Fund and our pension plan.. There are some who want Local 720 to tell you what investment decisions you should make with your annuity fund money. This would be illegal. This would put Local 720 at great financial and legal risk. The Annuity is about indidivuals making their own decisions about retirement investing. The Annuity Fund class that I built, and that the National Fund staff has checked, is designed to show each worker how they can find the information to make their own decisions about their retirement money in the Annuity Fund. The class also helps people find those who are licensed and qualified to give investment advice if they want it. There are also things that our great Local 720 office staff can do to help members if there are problems with their Annuity Fund accounts. This can be continued and furthered by an officer who has good relations with the workers in the National Annuity Fund office.

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